11th October 2015

What does an appointment involve?

I offer four types of appointment: introductory, acute, constitutional and subsequent appointments.

Introductory: This is a free 15 minute appointment. It is a quick introduction to your case and allows the patient to decide whether or not homeopathy might help their overall health. This does not allow a conclusion to be made about a possible remedy and no remedy will be prescribed or dispensed.

Acute: This is a 45 minute appointment, which costs $85 and includes a remedy prescription. This appointment is designed to address immediate “acute” issues and resolve them. A remedy is normally dispensed immediately at the end of the appointment as you leave. As acute illnesses and injuries are a departure from the norm for most patients this remedy to helping a quicker return to health and balance.

This shorter appointment can also be used to begin the restoration of better health with homeopathy. Due to the length of the appointment, less information can be gathered than would otherwise become apparent during a Constitutional appointment but all patient information is extremely useful and the first remedy will help move the patient in a positive direction. Subsequent appointments will be necessary to ensure that the path of healing is maintained and the patient progresses as far as possible.

Constitutional: This is the classic homeopathic appointment, it is 2.5 hours long and costs $270 and includes a remedy prescription. This appointment allows me to gather the depth of information to understand the detail of the case and determine a remedy that will promote a significant change in the patient’s health. The appointment usually generates 2-3 hours of further reading and repertory checking in order to determine the best remedy for the patient’s personal situation and is usually dispensed within 2-3 days of the appointment. Subsequent appointments will be required usually four to six weeks after the first remedy to monitor any changes and either repeat or change the remedy as required.

Subsequent Appointments: This is a 45 minute appointment, which costs $85. This appointment is designed to check the progress of the patient with their current remedy. Often new information is revealed after taking a remedy which helps the overall case picture. A remedy is normally dispensed immediately at the end of the appointment.

What time will I arrive for your appointment?

As I work on a home visit model please allow ten minutes before your appointment to complete a consent and medical history form and print it off (this will be emailed to you prior to your appointment) and to allow yourself to focus on what you hope to improve with Homœopathy.

What do I need to have with me?

Payment:  Decide how you would like to pay, I accept cash, cheque, or Interac pre-payment.  You will receive a receipt via email.

Medicine: A list of any medicines (including birth control) or supplements you take.

Other treatments: treatment types and practitioner names, including your family doctor.

How long is an appointment?

A Short or Acute appointment is 45 minutes.

An initial appointment is two and a half hours.

A subsequent appointment is 45 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Introductory appointments: Free

Constitutional appointment: $270

Subsequent appointments: $85

Acute appointments: $85

The Homœopathic Consultation

The information that you provide your homœopath is essential to effective homœopathic treatment. The homœopathic interview involves extensive questioning that may cover unfamiliar ground for those who are used to a few quick questions from a busy doctor. So you are better prepared for your consultation, the kinds of information the homœopath requires are described below.

You will be asked to describe, in your own way and as fully as possible, the conditions that bother you and the ones that have caused you to seek treatment.

Probably the most crucial information, to the homœopath, is what makes your complaint better or worse. Does your condition vary with the time of day or night, or the seasons? Is it affected by your body position (sitting, standing, lying, etc.) or by an activity (motion of any body part, walking, vigorous exercise, rest, etc.)? How do temperature, weather, eating, and sleeping affect your condition? Anything that clearly influences the intensity or pattern of your symptoms should be reported. Simply try to think of what makes you feel better or what makes you feel worse.

Anything that regularly occurs in association with your symptoms should be mentioned. Do you feel nauseous when you have a headache? Does your skin clear up when you get your menstrual period?

Can you associate the onset of your condition with an emotional upset, prolonged or pronounced stress, lack of sleep, exposure to weather, an injury, drug use, surgery, or any other factors?

In addition to information about your symptoms, the homœopath will ask about you in general in order to understand how vital and energetic you feel on the whole, and how your sense of well-being (not any particular symptom) changes as a result of environmental or emotional factors. How are you affected, in general, by temperature, weather, time of day, activity level, eating, and sleeping? What makes you feel good and healthy and what doesn’t? This may be different from what makes a particular symptom better or worse.

Your homœopath will also be interested to know which kinds of foods you love and which you strongly dislike.

Finally, the homœopath will want you to discuss your emotional nature. What are the most distinct emotional patterns you experience? During what activities or in which situations do you feel most happy? Are there any emotional responses which limit your ability to fully express yourself? Are you able to express your emotional states and in what ways do you express them? What is your memory like, do you have clarity of thought, and what are your fears and dreams?

Based on the information you provide, a remedy will be determined that fits you and your symptoms the best. This remedy is designed to stimulate your natural healing process and allow your body to return to balance.

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