11th October 2015


Testimonials of using homœopathy with Andrew:

Homeopathy with ActionHomeopathy.com

Patient HL:

“I first took my daughter to see Andrew when she was 15 months old. She had suffered with continual excess mucous from 6 months old. We had explored diet, allergies, chiropractic, and another homeopath with no results. Andrew was incredibly thorough and determined to get to the bottom of her condition and I am thrilled to say my daughter is now mucous free! I would recommend him to anyone seeking to resolve any tricky health issues.”

Patient SJ:

Being a good friend of mine, Andrew talked about homeopathy a few times and it had always intrigued me, so I though I’d try it out. At first I was a little skeptical but the more sessions I went to the more I learnt and the better I felt.

I initially was looking to work on staying positive and not over-thinking in situations I cannot control as it has been a huge problem of mine for a long time. Throughout the weeks/ months I’ve noticed a huge change and it has made a difference, not only in my thought processing, but in my sleeping habits as well.

There are many things Andrew and I worked on including headaches, muscle issues, sleeping problems, etc. and I can say is I’ve seen a great improvement in all of these areas. I would recommend Andrew to anyone.

Patient AS:

Through Andrew’s homeopathy sessions I have seen improvement in my overall well-being and outlook on day to day life. I was having issues with repetitive nosebleeds in dryer, colder conditions.

After several months of working with Andrew I have seen improvement with little or no nosebleeds.

Andrew practice is detailed, thorough and non bias and I appreciate the dedication and efforts he puts into each session he has with me. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is open to homeopathy as an alternative way of improving a wide range of problems or concerns in ones life.

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