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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Is homœopathy safe?

Homœopathic treatment has an excellent safety record {1] and because homœopathic medicines are non-toxic they can be used in cases involving babies, children and during pregnancy.

What will homœopathic treatment involve?

The initial homeopathic consultation usually lasts for about two hours, whilst subsequent ongoing consultations are generally forty-five minutes. Individual homeopaths work in different ways so they will tell you what to expect when you book your first appointment.  If a homeopathic prescription is needed this may come in pillule form and is always sourced from a specialist homeopathic pharmacy. As homœopathic remedies are taken differently from conventional medicines do make sure that you understand the instructions given to you by your homeopath before you take the remedy.

Learn more about homeopathy. ActionHomeopathy.comHow long does treatment take?

This depends very much on what condition you have, as well as other individual characteristics of your case. If you have long-standing chronic conditions, a course of treatment may be needed. As a guideline, you can typically expect to see a homœopath once a month for three months to begin with. If further treatment is needed beyond this stage you may find that subsequent consultations are booked at progressively longer intervals as your health improves.

What are homœopathic medicines made from?

Homœopathic medicines – often called remedies – are made from plant, chemical, mineral or animal sources. The original material is diluted, then shaken vigorously (succussed). The number of times this is done determines the strength or ‘potency’ of the remedy. e.g. A 6c remedy will have been diluted 1 part in 100 then succussed six times.

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How can dilute medicines work?

The fact that homœopathic medicines are so highly diluted has led critics to say that homeopathic medicines are “nothing but water” but some research suggests that repeated vigorous shaking during the manufacturing process may cause new water structures to form which capture information about the original substance dissolved in the water. [2-4]

What does my homœopath need to know?

Please tell your homœopath about any medicine that has been prescribed by your doctor and any recent dental treatment. Please also mention any other complementary or alternative treatments you are having, and anything else that you are taking regularly (such as herbs, vitamin supplements or recreational drugs), as these may affect your homœopathic treatment. It is also recommended that you let your GP know you’re receiving homœopathic treatment.

Homeopathy with ActionHomeopathy.comHow does homœopathy perform in practice?

The Bristol Homeopathic Hospital service evaluation recorded the outcome of homœopathic treatment in over 6,500 consecutive patients, during a six year period, and found that 70% of patients reported an improvement in their health [5]

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