3rd December 2015

Claiming Extended BENEFITS

Do you wish to pay for your homeopathic treatment by claiming on your extended benefits package? Homeopathic treatment is no more expensive than other modalities such as physiotherapy when one considers the time that is invested in your health and your case. With continued care through subsequent appointments the aim is to resolve any issues so that one can be as optimally healthy as possible.

My practioner number (for claims) is: 15-113-A

There are six insurance companies in Canada who will recognize Homeopathy as part of an extended benefits or health insurance package. However, in most cases, it will not be listed until it is requested by the employee. If you wish to use your extended benefits for homeopathic treatment you will probably need to write to your Human Relations Department’s Benefits Manager and request that it is added to your coverage.
The companies are:

Claim Secure.

Green Shield.

Medavie Blue Cross.


Pacific Blue Cross.


Unfortunately I am not able to manage direct billing so you will need to submit your bill to your insurance company for a re-payment.

All you have to do is ask. We have created this letter for you to send to your insurance company.  Simply download it and send it, they will then decide whether to approve it.

Download the PDF letter, here.