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Andrew Runciman
Andrew Runciman
Andrew has an incredible background, with life experience that most people can only dream of. He is modest, sensitive, discreet, amiable and honest. All of these attributes help you to feel at ease and enable you to tell him your story, thus beginning the process of healing.

What Homeopathy Can do for you

Work – Rest – Play – Balance – Laughter
Treating ‘like with like’

The idea that a substance can be damaging in large amounts, but beneficial in small amounts is not new to science, in fact this concept (referred to a hormesis) has been around for decades and increasingly well documented in such fields as biology and toxicology.

Healing Naturally

Homeopathy is completely natural using what nature has provided to treat our bodies. Through a confidential, in-depth consultation, your homeopath will consider all aspects of your health including your past medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality type, as well as your current health problems to find the homeopathic remedy matches you and your symptoms as precisely as possible.

Live Free

Through a holistic approach, treating the whole person and applying good nutrition, sleep and homeopathy, it is possible to live an active full life again.

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